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Energy Conservation

  • - Installed the SolarBee solar panel in Lake Tahoe, to help temper the water for more efficient snowmaking.
  • - Replaced numerous lighting fixtures and more than 3,000 inefficient T12 fluorescent light bulbs in favor of T5 light bulbs, reducing the average wattage used from 75 to 25.
  • - Converted 300 exit signs from 40-watts to 1-watt bulbs.
  • - Grand Ballroom renovations and new lights fixtures resulted total watts used from 12,448w to 2,968 (dif = 9,480W, decreased by factor 4).
  • - Main Lodge hallway renovations dropped watts used from 1,536 to 288.
  • - In 2015, in order to transport guests throughout the expansive resort, Seven Springs purchased five new 21-passenger propane-fueled shuttle buses. Designed by ROUSH CleanTech, the new bus fleet of Ford 6.8L V10 vehicles greatly reduces emissions on the mountain as propane autogas in a cleaner burning fuel with less harmful emissions. Each new bus offers excellent horsepower, torque and towing capacity, required for the difficult winter mountain routes. The new shuttle buses emit 20% less nitrogen oxide, 60% less carbon monoxide, and 24% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and fewer particulate emissions.

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