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Downhill Terrain

Bike Park Map

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Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll was designed strictly with beginners in mind. This trail flows perfectly with gentle banked turns, rollers and junior-sized rock gardens. If you’re just getting into the game or just want to take a mellow cruise with your friends, Rock and Roll was built for you.


It’s back with fresh new features. 007 is the pioneer trail of downhill mountain biking at Seven Springs, a legend in the making. Equipped with moderate sized tabletops, hips, doubles, step downs and precise banked turns, this trail keeps all abilities of riders on their toes.

The Glades

Still haven’t perfected those bank turn abilities? The Glades have berms for days. Come blasting out of 007 or Super Connector and twist your way through.

Helen's Woods

Don’t let the peaceful name of this trail confuse you, it’s gnarly in here. Helen’s Woods is an elbow tucking backwoods line packed with rock drops, bank turns and a wood bridge at the end to ice the cake.

Upper EC 1

Designed by Mongoose pro rider Eric Carter for the advanced riders, the Upper EC1 is saturated with steep rock faces, bank turns and jumps.

Lower EC 1

A the Ultimate Challenge, this trail again was designed for riders with above par skills. Descend down a steep rock face drop and dip into the aggressive rock beds and bank turns. Come step up!

Super Connecter

Santacruz pro rider Randy Spangler put nothing but impressive effort into this trail. Furnished with a flowy ladder bridge, tabletop, bank turns and a pair of appalling rock drops this trail has something for everyone to get stylish on.


When your tire treads hit this trail section, you’ll know why the name couldn’t be better. It’s literally Showtime! Throw your skills down here and impress your lady watching from the crowd. Come steaming out of Helen’s Woods and pick your line. Here you will find a hip directing you to our colossal tabletops. End your run with style and get up the lift for more!

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