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Bars & Lounges

Bars & Lounges

Not quite ready to count sheep? Spend some grown-up time in one of our lounges, which feature entertainment during the week. Please click here for our entertainment and events calendar. The legendary Foggy Goggle isn’t the only place for après ski fun! The Matterhorn Lounge is the perfect place to be for dancing the night away all season long. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, then visit the Bavarian Lounge for a nightcap and good conversation.

Froggy Goggle

The Legendary Foggy Goggle

The one and only place to get the Goggle Defogger, Super Pipe Burger or the Over-The-Top Nachos with a cold beer after a day on the slopes. Come see for yourself why The Foggy is recognized as the Best Ski Bar on the East Coast! Located on the top level of the Ski Lodge. Open daily during ski season and open late Friday and Saturday nights with live entertainment!

Foggy Goggle Menu

Foggy Goggle Menu

Matterhorn Lounge

Take to the dance floor at our Matterhorn Lounge, where the DJ's or live bands keep the party going ‘til 1 a.m. Located on the third level of the Main Lodge near the Center Lobby. Open 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., Friday and Saturday. Please note that a cover charge may apply.

Seven Ten Bistro

Seven Ten Bistro

The Seven Ten Bistro is a cool, hip little alcove serving eclectic food pinned with a bowling inspired menu. The menu is imaginative and relaxed with items ranging from out-of-the-ordinary shared plates to cool twists on salads to mouth-watering sandwiches. Seven Ten Bistro is located next to the Bowling Alley on the second floor of the Main Lodge. Check out our Menu and Hours!

Bavarian lounge

Bavarian Lounge

The original barroom at the resort features a brand new look with the same cozy feel. Grab a craft beer, nosh on Chef Sandro's delectable bar food creations, devour the nostalgia and watch the game on one of the large screen televisions. Open daily, located on the fourth floor of the Main Lodge.

Bavarian Beach

Have a refreshing cocktail outdoors while enjoying the summer weather. Also serving sandwiches and light food, the Bavarian Beach Bar is located beside the outdoor pool. Open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, daily, weather permitting.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort is a smoke-free environment.

House Policies Regarding Alcohol Service

Seven Springs Mountain Resort strives to provide responsible, safe and professional service of alcohol. We will endeavor to serve our guests in a responsible, friendly and professional manner and to abide by the conditions of our liquor license and our company values. Staff members are on hand to assist our guests in enjoying their time at Seven Springs and to assist in their decision to drink in moderation and, where appropriate, avoid drinking activities that put guests at harm or risk. We are committed to adhere to all liquor laws

The staff and management of Seven Springs Mountain Resort promote the enjoyment of our guests by enforcing the following House Policies:

  • - The Manager on duty, Security or any server has the authority to check ID to verify proof of age for entry into any bar or lounge area. No one under the age of 21 can purchase or consume alcoholic beverages
  • - Guests must be 21 years of age at the start of the business day
  • - Guests who purchase a bottle of wine as part of their meal in the Slopeside Dining Room, Helen’s, or Clocktower restaurants are permitted to re-cork and take any unfinished portion of the wine when they leave the restaurant, However, they are not permitted to bring the opened, unfinished bottle of wine into any of the bar or lounge areas
  • - Valid proof of age is required for all guests who appear to be under 30 years of age. Seven Springs may choose to require proof of age from any guest. The only acceptable forms of proof of age are:
    • - A valid driver’s license issued by any state.
    • - A valid photo identification card issued by any state.
    • - A valid United States armed forces ID card that contains the holder’s photo.
    • - A valid passport, passport card, or travel visa which contains the holder’s photo.
  • - Failure to produce a valid ID will result in refusal of entry into a venue that is a 21 and over venue.
  • - Seven Springs reserves the right to deny access to any bar or lounge to anyone who is visibly intoxicated, exhibits rowdy behavior or to prevent overcrowding.
  • - Seven Springs reserves the right to limit alcohol purchase to one drink per person on any occasion.
  • - Persons who in the opinion of the service staff and/or security are found to be harassing other patrons or using foul language will be asked to leave the resort.
  • - Chairs and drinks are not permitted on the dance floor. Dancing is not permitted on tables or chairs.
  • - No beverages are permitted to be carried into any bar or lounge area.
  • - Outside alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought onto the licensed premises. The only exception is that a guest may bring a special or private reserve wine to Helen’s restaurant. A $40 corkage fee will apply and the wine will be served by Helen’s staff in accordance with house policies. Seven Springs reserves the right to search any bag, backpack or purse.
  • - Sleeping is not permitted in any bar or lounge area.
  • - Drinking games, card or dice playing or arm wrestling is not permitted.
  • - To-go beer may be sold not to exceed 192 oz. (2- 6-packs of 16oz) and must be bagged.
  • - Entertainment ends at 12:45 a.m.
  • - Last call and lights up at 12:30 a.m.
  • - Last pour at approximately 12:45 a.m.
  • - Stock piling of drinks is not permitted.
  • - Pitchers of beer, shots or doubles will not be served after 12 a.m. (midnight).
  • - No shakers or "mountain pours" give to guests


Anyone under the age of 21 is considered to be a minor. Minors are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol. Minors are permitted in licensed areas under the following circumstances:

  • - Minors are not permitted to sit at the bar, but at tables within the licensed area.
  • - Minors are accompanied by a parent.
  • - Minors are under “proper supervision”. Proper supervision is a person who is 25 years of age or older, who is directly responsible for the care and conduct of the minor and who keeps the minor within sight and hearing at all times.
  • - Bavarian Lounge – Minors are not permitted after 9 p.m. Minors are permitted in the seating area on the Bavarian Deck at any time under proper supervision.
  • - Matterhorn – Minors are not permitted.
  • - Foggy Goggle – Minors are not permitted after 7 p.m.

Discontinuance of Service

  • - If a guest is considered to be a VIP (Visibly Intoxicated Person), a Manager, Bartender, Server or Security has the authority to discontinue service or “shut off” the guest. Service to a visibly intoxicated patron is a violation of the state liquor code.
  • - Shut Offs will be documented by Security. At minimum, the Date, Time and Description of the Incident will be noted.
  • - Guests who are shut off will be asked to leave the bar or lounge area.
  • - Guests who are shut off in one bar or lounge are not permitted to be served in any of the other bar or lounge areas.
  • - Seven Springs reserves the right to discontinue service to any guest who is harassing to others, involved in a physical altercation or is creating an unsafe situation for themselves or others.

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