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Wolf Precision Long Range School

Wolf Precision Long Range School

Seven Springs Sporting Clays has teamed up with Wolf Precision to hold long range shooting schools throughout the spring and fall. Class instruction will take place at Seven Springs Mountain Resort during the day and shooting instruction will take place nearby in the afternoon. The Long Range Shooting School classes are strictly limited to nine students with two instructors.

Long Range Shooting School Dates

Space is limited and registration availability can be found here.

  • – May 22-24, 2017
  • – June 5-7 and 16-18, 2017
  • – August 7-9 and 25-27, 2017
  • – September 11-13 and 22-24, 2017

Long Range Shooting School Registration

Per Person

Three Day Course


Price includes three days of instruction and three nights of lodging at Seven Springs Mountain Resort with breakfast and lunch included. Bring your family to stay with you at the resort and enjoy its many amenities while you attend the school.

Registration and Information

Registration and additional information about the Long Range Shooting School can be found online at Wolf Precision.

About the Long Range Shooting School

For three full days you will learn the art of long range shooting. Whether you want to learn about long range shooting for an upcoming hunt, competitive shoots or are a Law Enforcement Agency,  Wolf Precision will teach you the basics and advanced fundamentals that will set you up for success both on target and in the field! This is a precision shooting class covering the many subjects listed below in both the classroom and in the field under real world shooting conditions.  Some of these subjects are advanced subjects that every shooter should know and understand.  A printed book is provided that has all class subjects, materials and formulas that you, the shooter, can take home and have access to. 

The course is written and instructed by Jamie Dodson of  Wolf  Precision.  Jamie has won and placed in many shooting and sniper matches over the years and has the real world knowledge to teach from experience learned on the firing line.   Just as important, they were won shooting rifles he built himself.  This gives you a unique opportunity to learn al lot about the how’s and why’s  of a great shooting rifle by a custom rifle builder.  Going into his 10th year owning and teaching the shooting school, Jamie’s students are now coming up through the ranks and winning and placing in matches, some in their very first year.  It is his love and passion in the art of long range shooting that he hopes to pass down for all to enjoy and share no matter what type of shooting sport they are applying it to.

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