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Homeowner Recycling

Seven Springs Homeowner Recycling

Seven Springs Mountain Resort fosters environmental stewardship in all resort operations and facilities through a carefully planned program of sound resource management and environmental protection. The resort is committed to developing sustainable forward-thinking practices, and promoting personal responsibility in recycling and conserving natural resources.

To learn more about all of Seven Springs Green Initiatives, please click here.

Homeowner Recycling

Single Stream Recycling

As a Seven Springs Homeowner, you have access to the Single Stream Recycling container located in the North Lot. Just bring down the approved items listed below and place them in the container.

Approved Items

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • - Metal beverage and food cans
  • - Plastic bottles with narrow necks
  • - Paper from news, magazines, junk mail and dry non-coated food paper
  • - Boxboard, small flat pieces of corrugated cardboard box material
    • - Please note that all cardboard must be broken down so that it is flat

Non-approved Items

  • - Garbage, food, waste, diapers, paper plates, hangers and old plastic toys
  • - Meat or dairy
  • - Plastic or paper packaging
  • - Wax or plastic wrap or bags
  • - Freezer food packaging
  • - Plastic deli, product or take-out packing or utensils
  • - Plastic bags or wrapping film
  • - Formed or pellet styrofoam packaging
  • - Window glass, ceramics or dishware, mirrors, light bulbs

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