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Outdoor Team Building


Use coordinates to explore and find hidden containers and earn points for your team!

Low Ropes Elements

Develop communication and trust using physical and mental challenges that require group interaction. Low rope course activities are never more than three feet off the ground. Team development and leadership concepts are taught through a series fun problem solving activities. After completing each low rope course element, our facilitators help groups reflect upon their experience to explore how they function as a team and ways to become more effective.

Low Ropes Elements activities may include:

  • – Centipede Shuffle: Using wooden planks and ropes, make your way from point A to point B without touching the ground.
  • – Nitro Crossing: Work with your group to successfully swing from one side of the tarp to the other.
  • – Mohawk Walk: Using two bamboo sticks and ropes, your team must walk across the cables without falling off.

Contact us for a full list of Low Ropes Element activities or about scheduling your team building adventure at Seven Springs.

These activities may be available in an indoor setting.

Surviving Seven Springs

While traveling, your plane crashed near a lake in the middle of nowhere. A handful of items have been salvaged from the wreck and have been scattered through the area. As a team you will decide which supplies are most necessary to take. The teams will not know the challenge until after the items have been selected. During the challenge you can also use any item that is not manmade.

Surviving Seven Springs activities may include:

  • – Fast Fire: Teams will have to build a fire using the materials they have or anything not manmade.
  • – Shelter Survival: With the materials you have chosen and any materials that are not manmade, your team must construct a shelter in a 15 minute period.
  • – Fishing: Teams must construct a fishing pole out of materials they have and try to catch as many fish as possible.

Contact us for a full list of Surviving Seven Springs activities or about scheduling your team building adventure at Seven Springs.

Alpine Tower & Low Ropes

Challenge your ingenuity as you scale the 50 foot Alpine Tower. After completing the Tower, work as a team to achieve success in our many low ropes teambuilding activities.

Mini Mud on the Mountain

Mini Mud on the Mountain will offer an opportunity to explore the beautiful Laurel Highlands and experience the challenging terrain in Pennsylvania.

Guided Hike

Take a step off the property and into the Great Outdoors. View the cascades, waterfalls and wilderness as you work together to complete some of our team building challenges along the way.

Special Ops Combat Paintball

Different from your traditional paintball game, this high energy, fast paced teambuilding event tackles a military approach with a focus on strategic planning, leadership and problem solving. This event is designed to be customized to your group’s needs.

Additional Team Building Information

For more information about Team Building Adventures at Seven Springs, please contact us at (800) 452-2223, ext. 7719 or fill out our Request for Proposal.

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