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Uphill Travel Routes
Seven Springs is proud to welcome winter uphill travel enthusiasts! Winter uphill travel by means of skinning or cross-country skis is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. For the first time ever, Seven Springs will open select routes to uphill travelers this season, making groomed and manicured slopes available to enthusiasts of the sport. Uphill travel routes will be open from 7-9 a.m as conditions allow. Please check the Seven Springs Snow Report for availability. You must have an Uphill Travel Pass to participate in this activity.

Sleigh and Horseback Rides
Howdy, partner! Welcome to Seven Springs Stables where you can channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl and discover the beauty of the Laurel Highlands on horseback or on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. The Seven Springs Stables is led by Rich “Jonesy” Jones, who has spent nearly 45 years raising, training, riding and caring for horses. Currently, we offer one-hour guided mountain trail rides and welcome riders of any level of experience!
For a more leisurely outing, you can tour the resort on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Choose between a 30-minute private ride for up to two guests or a 30-minutes non-private ride for up to 6 guests.
Please call for more information or to make reservations.

logo_sleighride.jpg 800-452-2223 7997

Snowcat Rides
Tag along on one of our groomers for a night ride you won’t soon forget! This ride is the ultimate experience for a remarkable view of the slopes. Used to groom the mountains in the late evening and early morning hours, snowcats smooth the terrain and make for impeccable skiing conditions. Snowcat rides are approximately 45 minutes long and are available at 11 p.m., 12 a.m. and 1 a.m. Reservations are required.
logo_snowcat.jpg 800-452-2223 3000

Snowmobile Tours
Perfect for a couple or a family adventure, come wind through the snow-capped Laurel Highlands on a guided snowmobile tour. Drivers follow one of Seven Springs’ experienced tour guides into deep forests and snowy slopes. Snowmobile tours are offered daily, weather permitting. Reservations are required.
logo_snowmobile.jpg 800-452-2223 7899

Snowshoe Tours
Enjoy our winter wonderland and the many scenic views Seven Springs has to offer while having an invigorating workout. Excursions follow various trails in the majestic Laurel Highlands area. Snowshoe tours are offered daily when weather and conditions permit. Reservations are required.
logo_snowshoe.jpg 800-452-2223 7899

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