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Terrain Parks
Seven Springs is committed to developing and growing its Terrain Parks, halfpipes and superpipe. Now, Seven Springs has seven terrain parks of varying difficulty and progression and more than 70 features in all. The resort’s hard work and dedication towards these efforts have been nationally recognized as having the some of the best terrain parks on the East Coast and the in North America.
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The Spot
Strewn throughout this park are our biggest and best jumps, jibs, and bonks. The Spot is nestled in the Alpine Meadows region of the mountain and is perfect for spectators to watch premier events. Your skills better be to up to par to take laps here. Advanced skills are a must, so please come correct. When looking for this park, look for the LARGE orange oval at the entrance.

The Streets
The new park, presented by Forum Snowboards, will be called The Streets Urban Park at Seven Springs and will be located in the Foggy Bowl. Inspired by the stash parks of NorthStar, Calif.; Killington, Vt. and Jackson Hole, Wy.; and the newest trends of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, The Streets will replicate a city landscape and provide endless possibilities of fun for freestyle skiers and snowboarders. When looking for this park, look for the MEDIUM/LARGE orange oval at the entrance.

North Park
Cruise over to the North Face of our mountain and drop into North Park. This park is designed for the intermediate rider who has mastered Santa’s Beard and wants to progress to bigger features. Packed with Medium sized jibs and jumps this park calls for Hot Laps! When looking for this park, look for the MEDIUM orange oval at the entrance.

The Alley
Measuring over a half mile long, this new park contains more small/medium jibs and jumps than this mountain has seen in one area to date! The focus of this park is a perfect long mellow flow. When looking for this park, look for the SMALL/MEDIUM orange oval at the entrance.

Santa’s Beard
This is our beginner park littered with mini jumps, jibs and bonks where you can learn how to do your first nosepress or stomp a clean 360. When you ride through the Beard, you will come across many ride-on features and smaller jumps geared towards a simple progressive learning curve. When looking for this park, look for the SMALL orange oval at the entrance.

Arctic Blast
Arctic Blast is a great area to get acquainted with riding on transition for the first time. This is the first step in our progressive terrain parks. The park includes small rollers, boxes, and bank turns to get familiar with freestyle terrain. When looking for this park, look for the SMALL orange oval at the entrance.

Pirates Riglet Park
The introductory park is designed for children ages 4-7 and will feature both full and half-day group lessons with certified instructors. The Riglet Park’s overall design is reminiscent of a baseball field. Inside the park will be a diverse selection of fun features such as the cone zone, where kids will learn to weave in and out cones while being towed by coaches. Look for oversized bases, baseball bat jibs, a dugout chill zone, a t-ball area, a pirate ship and a home plate fort!

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