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Snowcat Rides

Snowcat Rides

Tag along on one of our groomers for a night ride you won’t soon forget! This ride is the ultimate experience for a remarkable view of the slopes. Used to groom the mountains in the late evening and early morning hours, snowcats smooth the terrain and make for impeccable skiing conditions.

Snowcat Rides

Snowcat Tour Rates


Per person


Price does not include applicable taxes.

Hours of Operation

  • - Snowcat Tours are available at 11 p.m., 12 a.m. and 1 a.m.
  • - Each tour is approximately 45-minutes long

Snowcat Tour Information

  • - Space is limited for these tours and reservations are required.
  • - For reservations and more information, please call (800) 452-2223, ext. 3000 by 10:30p.m. to reserve your tour.

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