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Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson

Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Age: 23
Sponsors: Flour City Dist., Capita, Union, Coal, ThirtyTwo, Crab Grab, Always Boardshop, Dragon, Shred Soles, Cherboys, Mom + Dad

What is your favorite riding crew?
- The Mayhem boys have been killing it! (@mayhemonthegram) They always get me so hyped!

Which park do you look forward to riding at Seven Springs?
- All of them! The Alley for lapping, Santas Beard to learn new tricks, and The Streets and The Spot if you want to go full send.

Favorite hobbies, besides riding?
- I spent the summer surfing, shooting a lot of photos, and working on cars when I could. I find myself dabbling in a lot of random hobbies

What is your all time favorite trick?
- That's a tough one.. I love methods, it's sick because everyone does them so differently. I also really enjoy a good nose press, those are always fun!

Powder or a perfect rail line?
- Can I have both?

Who do you look up to in skiing/snowboarding?
- Everyone! You can learn so much just by watching other people ride. All of my friends in No Names Crew have been a huge inspiration.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to younger riders?
- Just have fun! That's honestly where it all started and what it all comes down to.

You can only ride with one person the rest of your life. Who would you pick and why?
- Nick Geisen probably. Nick has been someone I've looked up to since I started snowboarding. We always have the best time cruising together and push each other out of our normal comfort zones to progress.

What’s your spirit animal?
- Wolf. Or a Party Animal. Not really sure haha


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