Mike Zandron

Mike Zandron

Hometown: Wheeling, WV
Age: 22
Sponsors: Monument Snowboards, Oakley, WVU Snowboarding

What is your favorite riding crew?
- All the Seven Springs locals and the WVU Snowboarding homies…

Which park do you look forward to riding at Seven Springs?
- Super Beard with the tow rope, turnin’ and burnin’.

Would you rather hit the bottom Spot jump on ski blades or bomb The North Face switch?
- Definitely bomb The North Face switch.

What is your all time favorite trick?
- Frontside boardslide

Powder or a perfect rail line?
- Powder, you never know the next time you’ll get to ride it on the east coast. Stay out of the park on a pow day!

Who do you look up to in skiing/snowboarding?
- All of those that are older than me and have influenced my park riding. Shout out Josh Zerkel, Wythe Woods, Jordan Soohy, Chris Zandron and the rest of the homies!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to younger riders?
- Don’t be afraid to ask any more experienced rider about trick tips and what may help you add that next trick to your arsenal.


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