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Hometown: Wheeling, WV
Age: 20
Sponsors: Rossignol

What is your favorite riding crew?
- Line traveling circus is my all time favorite crew.

Which park do you look forward to riding at Seven Springs?
- Hot lapping in the Alley with the boys is my favorite part of the season!

Would you rather hit the bottom Spot jump on ski blades or bomb The North Face switch?
- North Face Switch. Without a doubt!

What is your all time favorite trick?
- Cork 7 Blunt

Powder or a perfect rail line?
- Nothing beats a perfect rail line in my eyes.

Who do you look up to in skiing/snowboarding?
- Nicky Keefer - his style is insane

What’s one piece of advice you would give to younger riders?
- When trying to learn a new trick, don't be afraid to ask someone who knows how to do it. At some point they were in your shoes too!

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