Nick Geisen

Nick Geisen

Hometown: Elkton, Virginia
Age: 27
Sponsors: Sessions, Celtek, Shred Soles, Mountainology, Tahoe Trail Bar

What is your favorite riding crew?
- My favorite crew to shred with is anyone who is stoked to be standing sideways!

Which park do you look forward to riding at Seven Springs?
- Genovese makes the best jumps in the game. I will literally fly to Pennsylvania as soon as The Spot jumps are up!

Would you rather hit the bottom Spot jump on ski blades or bomb The North Face switch?
- I like to casually switch strait line The North Face run as a warm up.... But as for ski blades? I’ll try anything once.

What is your all time favorite trick?
- My all time favorite trick is a no grab backside 180.

Powder or a perfect rail line?
- Powder... That's a question?

Who do you look up to in skiing/snowboarding?
- I'll look up to a lot of people. John Cardiel on a skate or snowboard is just gnarly, Craig Kelly could make you tear up with one smooth arched turn but I would have say with all the legends out there - on a normal day I look up to the friends around me.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to younger riders?
- My best piece of advice after being on a board for 15 years is remember to be grateful for the gift of snowboarding. If you respect it, you will be given a key to the world.


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