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Nick Geisen

Hometown: Elkton, Virginia
Age: 28
Sponsors: Sessions, FYVE Snowboards, Shred Soles Performance insoles, Tahoe Trail Bar, Flux Boots & Bindings

What is your favorite riding crew?
- Honestly? My Gremlin homies been holding down for a long minute, east to west coast and all around the world they love snowboarding.

Which park do you look forward to riding at Seven Springs?
- Santa’s beards tow rope absolutely amazes me…I think Jason Anderson clocked 55 runs in an hour once or twice!

Favorite hobbies, besides riding?
- Skating? Snowboarding? I don’t understand the question…

What is your all time favorite trick?
- Method or no grab back one maybe

Powder or a perfect rail line?
- Pow man!

Who do you look up to in skiing/snowboarding?
- Tim Humphreys. He’s a smooth talker, even smoother rider.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to younger riders?
- Do it because you love it.

You can only ride with one person the rest of your life. Who would you pick and why?
- I would pick my twin brother Chris, he is the first person that I did an ollie with and he’s my best friend…

What’s your spirit animal?
- Snow leopard? Maybe and owl. Maybe a flying snow leopard


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