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Uphill Travel Pass

Uphill Travel Pass

2017-2018 Uphill Travel Pass



Current Seven Springs or Highlands Passholders






Uphill Travel Pass Information

  • – Uphill travelers will be required to stay on the designated routes at all times to ensure a safe ascent and descent. Please review the Uphill Travel Safety section for more information.
  • – Uphill travel is permitted 7-9 a.m. You must reach the summit of the mountain by 9 a.m. If not, you must turn around and travel downhill to exit the mountain.
  • – Uphill travel routes can be accessed from Seven Springs Mountain Resort parking areas only.
  • – All uphill travelers are required to have a 2017-2018 Uphill Travel Pass and signed Uphill Travel Release before accessing open and designated uphill travel routes.
  • – The Uphill Travel Pass DOES NOT provide lift access either up or down the mountain.

Uphill Travel Routes

Uphill travel and descending is limited to designated routes only. Uphill travelers are required to stay on designated routes at all times. Uphill travel is not permitted on the North Face of the mountain.

  • – Uphill Loop 1 | Travel up Boomerang Trail and down Avalanche Slope.
  • – Uphill Loop 2 | Travel up Boomerang Trail and down Village Trail.
  • – Designated uphill travel routes may not be available every day. Please check the Snow Report for availability.

Uphill Travel Safety

Before accessing resort premises make others aware of your uphill travel plans. For first aid assistance during uphill travel hours, report accidents to by dialing 800-452-2223, ext. 7814 from your cell phone to reach Ski Patrol to request first aid assistance.

  • – Uphill travel by means of skinning or cross country skies is permitted. Snowshoeing is not permitted.
  • – Resort and mountain operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore you may encounter and you should stay clear of all mountain operations and equipment, including, but not limited to grooming machines, snowmaking equipment, snowmobiles and lifts.
  • – Always yield to all resort personnel, mountain operations equipment, machines and vehicles. If you seen approaching equipment, machinery or vehicles, you must stop and move to the side of the trail until the vehicle passes.
  • – Stay clear of all snow grooming winch operations. Be alert for warning beacons on vehicles and at winch points at the top of the trail; be alert for equipment and machinery. If you encounter winching operations, stay off the trail. Winch cables may be located underneath the snow surface one moment, then high in the air above the surface the next. Grooming machines suspended on winch cables may be located thousands of feet away. These circumstances can make dangers and hazards hard to see or invisible to, both uphill travelers and equipment operators.
  • – Wearing reflective clothing and a bright head lamp is mandatory if you will be on the mountain in low light or foggy conditions. It’s your responsibility to make yourself visible to operations personnel.
  • – Your safety is directly affected by your judgment. Observe and follow Your Responsibility Code.
  • – Pets are not permitted on trails and slopes.
  • – You must not go beyond the ski area boundary. Be aware that Seven Springs Mountain Resort assumes no responsibility for safety of, or injury, death or damages to skiers or riders. Areas beyond the ski area boundary are not maintained or checked by resort area personnel. Please check the Seven Springs Trail Map to see ski area boundaries.

Purchase Your Uphill Travel Pass

  • – For more information, please contact the Season Pass Office at (800) 452-2223, ext. 7491.

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