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Mud Tip Monday: Pole Land

Pole land is one of our classic obstacles. You are guaranteed to get muddy and it takes endurance and full body strength to make it through this up and down challenge.

To prepare for Pole Land we’ll be doing burpee box jumps. This is a full body workout that will help you build up endurance.

Start by standing in front of a box and lower your chest to the floor, perform a frog jump to bring your feet up to your hands and jump onto the box… then off the box and repeat.

When you can perform burpee box jumps with ease you will be ready to take on Pole Land on Mud Day!

18 days until Mud on the Mountain! Register Here.

Mud Tip Monday – Poleland from Seven Springs and Hidden Valley on Vimeo.

Filmed at:
Snyder Strength & Conditioning
1900, Liberty St
Mt Pleasant, PA 15666


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