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Mud Tip Monday: Slice O Pizza

Slice O Pizza is one of the most intimidating obstacles you will face on Mud Day! It takes the traditional wall climb to the next level by angling the walls towards you and for many of you it’s also about conquering your fears.

This obstacle takes a lot of upper body strength and a strong grip. To prepare practice inverted pullups. Start by gripping a bar on a squat rack with your arms extended in a reverse plank position, keep your body straight and lift your upper body up until your chest touches the bar while squeezing your shoulder blades and repeat.

If you really want to take it up a notch go for the rope climb.

When you master inverted pullups or maybe even rope climbs, you should have the strength it takes to conquer slice o pizza on mud day!

Mud on the Mountain is only 11 days away! Register here!

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