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Mud Tip Monday: Swamp Swaggle

Whether you are signing up for your first Mud on the Mountain or you’re a veteran of our course, training is very important!

Mud on the Mountain isn’t a walk in the park but you can handle it if you prepare! Each week we are going to bring you Mud Tip Monday to help you train specifically for some of our toughest obstacles!

This week’s featured obstacle is the Swamp Swaggle.

It’s a true test of mind over matter. It’s a muddy ditch covered by a chain linked fence. To make it through you need to stay on your back while basically doing a pullup in mud.

To conquer this obstacle you need a strong upper body, core strength and a solid grip.

This exercise will help you prepare: Begin by doing a pull up, lower down and then bring your knees to your chest and repeat. If you can master this combo you should feel confident when you reach the Swamp Swaggle on Mud Day.

Filmed at
Snyder Strength & Conditioning
1900, Liberty St
Mt Pleasant, PA 15666

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