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Team Building

Team Building

The Seven Springs team building program is a great way to promote teamwork among staff, classmates or just to have fun with a group of friends. We encourage mental risk taking as well as physical fun with our outdoor challenge course and the Alpine Tower.

Team Building

Please contact Adventure Programs at (800) 452-2223, ext. 7396, for more information or to schedule an outing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Team Building?

Team building encompasses experiential and adventure learning by encouraging individuals to work cooperatively, challenge themselves in a supportive environment, improve self-esteem and learn creative approaches to problem-solving. Groups participate in games, travel through obstacle stations and as a group decide ways to solve proposed challenges.

Who Can Do Team Building?

Team building can involve a broad spectrum of ages and abilities. Our staff will assist you in preparing an agenda that is best suited to the demographic of the group members. Members as young as 4 and as old as 84 have participated in the program. We incorporate the “Challenge by Choice philosophy throughout the program, which allows individuals to set their own goals. All members are incorporated into the challenges working together as a team.

How much time does my group need for team building?

Most groups can accomplish one phase in a half-day session, but larger groups may need a full day to achieve their goals. Half-day, full-day and multi-day sessions are available.

Is team building safe?

Seven Springs’ staff are rigorously and continuously trained. The course and equipment is routinely monitored and maintained. Project Adventure conducted a 20-year safety study, of over 57 million participation hours. The overall injury rate was 4.33 injuries per million hours of participation. Statistical injury rates were significantly lower than many well-accepted sports and other physical activities.

Team Building Phases


Ground level team building initiatives

Team building games are fun! They involve cooperation and “out-of-the-box” thinking. The team will be interacting, laughing, and learning. Individuals will establish leadership and communication skills. Each initiative is a metaphor for life where they’ll learn strategies to apply at work or school.


Low element challenge course

Throughout the low elements, the team must use problem solving to overcome obstacles. It involves setting goals, trust, and understanding diversity. In a supportive group environment, team members will begin to develop self-esteem and an understanding of conflict resolution.


Alpine Tower and Giant Swing

The Alpine Tower is the ultimate climbing experience! While the top of the tower is 50-feet high, there are many fun activities as participants progress toward the top. We believe in “Challenge by Choice” where participants set their own personal goals. They experience success and recognize that the seemingly difficult is often quite possible.


Try something exciting and new that will give your stomach that “Butterfly Feeling” with our ultimate adrenaline rush.

  • – Giant Swing: A free-fall experience.
  • – Flying Squirrel: Get whisked 35-feet into the air in seconds.

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