Foggy Goggle Axe House

Test your lumberjack prowess on the mountain at the brand new Foggy Goggle Axe House! Grab your friends and DE-STRESS with some serious fun in one of eight lanes as you launch your axes at an exciting variety of projected targets. Choose from a variety of games and challenges to maximize the fun, all within the legendary Foggy Goggle!

Friday - Sunday

  • LANE RESERVATION up to 2 guests
  • $50
  • ADDITIONAL GUEST per person
  • $25

Monday - Thursday

  • LANE RESERVATION up to 2 guests
  • $40
  • ADDITIONAL GUEST per person
  • $20

Axe Upgrade

  • $5

Prices do not include applicable taxes.

Foggy Goggle Axe House Reservations

  • Advance reservations are required but walk-ins are accepted based on availability.
  • Groups are limited to up to six guests.
  • Please arrive at least 15-minutes prior to your scheduled time at the Foggy Goggle to check in and prepare (Upper level of the Ski Lodge).
  • For reservations or more information, please call 800-452-2223, ext. 7997. Making reservations online by clicking the button above is strongly recommended!

Please note: There are no refunds on the lane deposit. We would happily reschedule you to another date or time.

Foggy Goggle Axe House Hours of Operation

  • All participants must wear a flat, closed-toe shoe.
  • Stay behind the table until it is your turn to throw.
  • No food or drink in the throwing lanes.
  • You may not throw axes if intoxicated or impaired in any way.
  • Do NOT yank your axe from the target! - While standing to the side, easily wiggle the axe in an up-and-down motion to remove it.
  • When finished, return axe to the slot on the wall. - Do NOT hand the axe to the next person. - Do NOT take the axe out of the lane.
  • ONE axe thrown at a time! - Only throw your axe when the target is CLEAR.

Are there any restrictions or regulations to throw axes?

  • Here at the Foggy Goggle Axe House, there are no age, weight, or height requirements to throw axes! Just bring your game face! If the participant is under the age of 18, there needs to be an adult that is throwing with them.

Is there a dress code?

  • The only dress code we require are closed toe shoes and make sure there are no loose articles of clothing (I.e., necklaces, bracelets) that may inhibit or alter your throwing.

Am I allowed to have alcohol?

  • Alcohol can be purchased at the Foggy Goggle for anyone over the age of 21 with a valid I.D. Alcohol can be consumed in the axe throwing facility at the tables only. You are not permitted to bring the beverage into the throwing lanes. Consumption is up to your discretion and if you go over the top, one of our axe masters has the right to remove you with no refund. BYOB is prohibited.

Do you accept walk-ins?

  • Walk-ins are available but they are first come first serve and there is no guarantee of getting a lane. To have the best chance of reserving a lane, book online beforehand!

Do you provide equipment?

  • We will supply you with an axe, lanes, training, and the throwing target. There are two types of axes; a normal, hooked handled axe and a professional grade, straight axe. The straight axe can be upgraded to the group for 5$ extra per person.

Can we bring our own equipment?

  • No. All guests must use the standard equipment provided. Upgraded equipment rental is available for an additional fee.

Can people who aren’t throwing watch?

  • People who aren’t throwing are more than welcome to come! They will have to stand outside of the axe throwing area, but are welcome to be there.

How many people are we allowed to bring?

  • Our groups range from 1-6 people per lane. If you have more than that in your party, you can book multiple lanes.

What should I expect?

  • We ask that you show up at least 15 minutes early to your scheduled lane time to fill out waivers and pay. Once everyone gets checked in and you are at your lane, the axe master will go over rules and tips in 15 minutes. The 15-minute training is allotted into your hour, so after the straining, you will have 45 minutes to throw. At exactly one hour, the projector will shut off and you will be prompted to leave.

What types of games do you guys have?

  • We do not have the traditional axe throwing boards. Instead, we use end-grain boards along with a projector. The end-grain wood allows the participant to stick the axe more often than the traditional board. The projector allows more fun and excitement that just throwing an axe at a board! Some games available are:
    • Moving Bullseye- An exciting twist on a standard target game is the moving bullseye. Instead of just throwing at the same target in the spot over and over, as the game suggests, where you are aiming is always moving. For the first frame the bullseye is in the center for all the throwers. When that frame finishes, the bullseye moves to an upper left spot, about where a clutch or kill shot would be in conventional throwing. Next frame it adjusts to a lower right-hand position, then upper right followed by lower left. By the 5 the fifth frame we are back to the center.
    • Tic Tac Toe- A classic game made more fun with axes! Pick X (axes) or O (targets) for your team and throw. Where you hit, just click and you get that square. But if the other team hits that spot, it clears it! So, you can play offense and defense. We let a hit on a line give you the choice of the square on either side… get a little more accurate, you must have your axe be in a box and not touching a line to count!
    • Line Up 4- A classic game that will take your skill and logic to beat your opponent. Hit any column and your color chip falls. Get 4 to line up across, up and down, or diagonally for the win!
    • Hit 10 - the Zombie Killing Game- Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse and fine tune your throwing skills while trying to take out all 10 zombies without hitting the friendly (albeit scared) yellow emoji. A game of nerves to take out the zombies one at a time!