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About the Tour

Each Laurel Ridgeline Zipline Tour begins at the Seven Springs Adventure Center, located in the lower level of the Ski Lodge. Here you will fill out your paperwork and be properly suited by our professional guide team or guides. Tours consist of eight riders and two guides. Afterwards, you will take a ride on the Polar Bear Express to the top of the mountain, a short hike to the Flight School where your guides will teach you the fundamentals of the zipline tour.

The first tree is Oak Pointe, where you will climb a ramp or log ladder to the first experience on the zipline tour. After a short skills practice, you'll be on your first zip on Red Oak Run, 145-feet to the Treehouse.

At the Treehouse, you will get used to being off the ground. From here, you will take Flying Squirrel 150-feet at a little higher speed to Beech Landing. The zip takes you of the small forested grove and over a dirt road. From Beech Landing, the 380-foot Baby Vulture zipline goes just a little faster and farther with the highest exposure so far at about 25-feet and lands in the Chicken Coop.

If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge of the zipline tour, this is your opportunity to turn back. To fly the Chicken Coop, you will have to rappel down Lazy Leap to a landing area and ladder where you can climb down to solid ground.

The lower platform of the Chicken Coop is the start of Backside Bridge, an 85-foot long descend to Snowy Forest Tower. Upon arriving at Snowy Forest Tower, you will need to get pumped up for Gunnar’s Revenge, a 900-foot ride across Gunnar slope, through a grove a trees, across Yodeler trail and then into the woods to arrive at Ashes, Ashes. At Ashes, Ashes, you’ll be 34-feet in the air and will have some time (and room) to catch your breath and let your pulse drop back to acceptable levels.

Don’t get too comfortable! It’s time to get your heart racing again with Yodalaheehoo, a 550-foot zip, tracking a small access road out across Yodeler trail to the Laurel Observation Deck, where you will take in some of the most breathtaking views on the mountain!

Soak in the view as you take Sightseer, a 260-foot zip, before landing in Moonshine Manor. Here your nerves will start popping at the thought of the next zip Rattlesnake Run – 1,412-foot zip across the junction of Gunnar, Yodeler and Lost Girl slopes! Most zipline tours would consider this as the apex of their tour, but at the Laurel Ridgeline Zipline Tour, it is just conditioning for the last BIG RIDE!

When the brakes bring your group to a stop at Big Red, a 70-foot red oak, the 575-foot long Express zip seems a bit shorter, but the close to 100-feet of exposure under the ride will bring the rush back a little. Landing in Scamper Stairs will be calming until your helpful guide reminds you that after this bridge, there is only one more zip until the monster zip.

A quick scamper across the 45-foot long stairs, 10-feet above the ground, and you arrive at Beech House before you shoot over to Yodeler Bypass and the “U” turn in Lost Girl Slope to Big Mamma’s Dance Floor, an 80-foot red oak, 44-feet in the air. Once you’re at Big Mamma’s, catch your breath and admire the great views.

Take a peek down the barrel of the BIG RIDE – Timberline Terror, 1,500-feet of zip before landing in Seventh Heaven, where you will zip or ramp to solid ground. Congratulations! You just mastered Laurel Ridgeline Zipline Tour!

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