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WATCH: Adorable Baby Horse Running For The First Time

The Seven Springs Stables are home to more than 20 beautiful horses and recently a new baby was born! Her name is Nelly and she’s currently 2 weeks old. She’s been making great progress and this week she went outside to test out her legs for the first time!

Check out the adorable video and share it with a friend that needs a good laugh!

The Seven Springs Stables is led by Rich “Jonesy” Jones, who has spent nearly 45 years raising, training, riding and caring for horses. Currently, we offer one-hour guided mountain trail rides through lush woodlands and mountaintop trails. We welcome riders of any level of experience! If your little buckaroos are itching to learn all about horses, we also offer hand-led pony rides. Mom and Dad, get your camera ready! You will want to get plenty of pictures of this special moment.

Reservations can be made by calling (800) 452-2223, ext. 7997 or go here to learn more!

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