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Tour Guidelines

  • - Laurel Ridgeline Zipline Tours meet at the Seven Springs Adventure Center, located in the lower level of the Ski Lodge.
  • - Each participant must sign a waiver and release form. Guests under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver from their parent or legal guardian.
  • - Weight limit is 90 to 250 lbs. Please call if you have questions.
  • - An adult must accompany a child between the ages of 10 and 15 and be able to participate independently of the adult.
  • - You must be at least 10 years of age.
  • - This tour is designed for use by participants with average mobility and strength, who are in reasonably good health can hike an equivalent of one-mile.
  • - Each participant must be physically able to control their speed by touching the cable with their gloved hand.
  • - Each participant must be able to pull himself or herself along the zip line if they lose momentum before reaching the platform.
  • - If you are pregnant, you may not participate.
  • - Pregnant woman, people with heart, leg or back problems, or other serious illnesses will not be allowed to participate in the tour.
  • - Individuals who have a history of epileptic seizures are kindly asked to refrain from participating in our canopy tour for health and safety reasons.
  • - Closed-toed shoes with laces are required. No heels, sandals, clogs, Crocs or flip flops. No bare feet.
  • - No loose clothing is permitted.
  • - Long hair must be tied back and tucked in.
  • - Wear appropriate clothing for the conditions, i.e. rain, cold or snow.
  • - No loose objects are permitted on your person. Cameras and cell phones must be secured or put away.
  • - Only one person is permitted on a zipline at a time. Zipline must be clear before zipping.
  • - Do not push anyone while they are on the zipline course.
  • - Do not drop litter or objects while zipping.
  • - Do not turn upside down as serious injury could result.
  • - Do not attempt to handle the safety clips. The guide will clip you onto the line to begin your zip. When you reach the bottom, wait for the attendant to unclip you from the line.
  • - Obey the guide's instructions at all times.
  • - Reckless behavior is prohibited.
  • - No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or impairing legal drugs will be allowed to participate in the tour.
  • - Ear buds may not be worn while zipping.

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