Seven Springs Mountain Resort has something for everyone and that well known fact extends to its numerous restaurants and eateries on premises. Menus range from the most artistic meals, perfectly paired with exquisite bottles of wine to the best sandwiches and pizzas served with the coldest beverages around.

Dining Outlet Hours of Operation

Below are the upcoming hours of operation for open dining outlets at Seven Springs Mountain Resort for this week. Please note that all dining hours are subject to change without notice.

Fine Dining


With distinct, authentic culinary creations and a rustic atmosphere that will take you back to a simpler time, Helen’s Restaurant exceeds the expectations of even the most well-traveled guests. Traditional service and a Wine Spectator Award winning wine list make Helen’s a destination in itself. A long-standing tradition of many guests, Helen’s pairs an upscale dining experience with a truly unique atmosphere. Helen’s Restaurant is located in the historic original homestead of Seven Springs Mountain Resort. MORE INFORMATION


With its amazing views, Slopeside Restaurant at Seven Springs features a casual, relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere to dine and enjoy the mountains. In addition to wonderful menus that feature an amazing variety for all palates. MORE INFORMATION



  • Friday: 4pm, 6pm & 8:30pm
  • Saturday: 4pm, 6pm & 8:30pm
  • Sunday: 5pm – 9pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm
  • Thursday: 5pm – 9pm



  • Friday: 7am – 9pm
  • Saturday: 7am – 9pm
  • Sunday: 7am – 9pm
  • Monday: 7am – 9pm
  • Tuesday: 7am – 9pm
  • Wednesday: 7am – 9pm
  • Thursday: 7am – 9pm

Casual Dining

Seven Springs offers something for every craving with a wide variety of casual restaurants and eateries located throughout the resort. Our offerings range from meticulously-crafted cuisine to the best sandwiches and pizzas to fun and casual family dining with a great view. Restaurants include the Bavarian Lounge, Mountain Pizza and More! MORE INFORMATION

Bavarian Lounge


  • Friday: 11am – 12am
  • Saturday: 11am – 12am
  • Sunday: 11am – 12am
  • Monday: 11am – 12am
  • Tuesday: 11am – 12am
  • Wednesday: 11am – 12am
  • Thursday: 11am – 12am

Please note that Kitchen Hours differ than bar hours: Friday & Saturday until 10pm, Sunday – Thursday until 9pm.

Mountain Pizza | Ext. 7635


  • Friday: 11am – 2am
  • Saturday: 11am – 2am
  • Sunday: 4pm – 10pm
  • Monday: 4pm – 10pm
  • Tuesday: 4pm – 10pm
  • Wednesday: 4pm – 10pm
  • Thursday: 4pm – 10pm

On The Run

If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up to get you back out to all the fun activities on the mountain, look no further than our On The Run outlets.MORE INFORMATION

Gingerbread Dreams


  • Friday: 2pm – 10p
  • Saturday: 2pm – 10pm
  • Sunday: 2pm – 10pm
  • Monday: 2pm – 10pm
  • Tuesday: 2pm – 10p
  • Wednesday: 2pm – 10p
  • Thursday: 2pm – 10p

Mountain Perk


  • Friday: 6am – 2pm
  • Saturday: 6am – 2pm
  • Sunday: 6am – 2pm
  • Monday: 6am – 2pm
  • Tuesday: 6am – 2pm
  • Wednesday: 6am – 2pm
  • Thursday: 6am – 2pm

Bars & Lounges

Foggy Goggle


  • Friday: 4pm – 1am
  • Saturday: 11am – 1am
  • Sunday: 11am – 5pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 4pm – 10pm

Please note that Kitchen Hours differ than bar hours: Friday & Saturday until 9pm, Sunday – Thursday please ask your server.